Best gambling dens and bars in Granada

Mejores garitos y baretos de Granada

Granada is a city full of life and culture, known for its impressive historical monuments and vibrant nightlife. But when it comes to enjoying an unforgettable night on the town, there is something special about the gambling dens and bars that make it unique. From the most authentic venues to the most modern bars, Granada has a wide variety of options to offer any visitor who wants to enjoy the city's nightlife. If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy a drink with friends, or if you want to dance the night away with the best music, Granada is the ideal place to explore and discover your favorite bars. In this article we will show you some of the best bars and gambling dens in Granada so that you can fully enjoy the night in the city.

Eric's Bar

In Granada, the Andalusian city known for its historical and cultural heritage, there is a place that has become a cult site for music lovers. This is El Bar de Eric, a bar with vegan food, magical cocktails and a spectacular atmosphere, which has been described by many as a rock museum.

The bar, owned by Eric, the KGB drummer, Los Planetas, Lagartija Nick and Los Evangelistas, among others, has become a meeting place for the curious and music lovers in Granada. In addition, it is a must-see place for those who consider themselves fans of Los Planetas, since the place is a museum dedicated to the history of the band from Granada, full of curious details about the band (backstage tickets, garments autographed by musicians international, etc.).

But Eric's Bar is not only a place to listen to good music and enjoy excellent food, it is also a place to browse through the dozens of photos that cover its walls or the entrances and flyers that cover them. The decoration is very comfortable and modern, with a fetish corner with some things by Joe Strummer, Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols, Ana Curra or La Bien Querida. It is a true museum of music.

While the food at El Bar de Eric is more expensive than your average tapas joint in Granada, the Asian and Italian-influenced fusion food options, and of course, the good music, are well worth paying for. The cocktails are also very magical and are made in a mix of modern and traditional ways.

The terrace is super cool when it's hot and offers very nice views of the Faculty of Law. Also, meters away is BoraBora, the coolest record store in the city.

In short, El Bar de Eric is a great place to have a good time with friends, listen to good music and enjoy excellent food and cocktails. If you are in Granada, do not hesitate to visit it.

Bar Soria: a typical bar in the heart of Granada

El Bar Soria: An authentic tapas place in the heart of Granada

If you are looking for an authentic place to enjoy typical Granada food and drink, Bar Soria is an excellent option. Located at Plaza Trinidad, 3, this bar is the headquarters of the Lori Meyers family and its owner, Fran, is known for preparing delicious rice as an appetizer for cañas.

Despite its small size, Bar Soria is a very busy place where you will always find people enjoying their homemade tapas and good beer. If you want to visit this bar on a weekend, we recommend you do it on Saturday at the time of the beers, since it closes in the afternoon and on Sunday.

Although you won't be able to choose the tapa that they serve you, the quality of the food is excellent. All the tapas are cold dishes, but if you are looking for a good tuna or an entrecote that melts in your mouth, this is the ideal place. In addition, the waiter is known for having a lot of salt shaker and for his exceptional treatment.

The atmosphere at Bar Soria is very cordial and familiar, making it the perfect place to have a drink with your friends and have a good time. Although it can be crowded, you will always be served quickly thanks to the efficiency of the staff.

In short, Bar Soria is one of those mythical places in Granada where you can enjoy the authenticity of the city's tapas culture. If you like homemade food, good beer and a friendly atmosphere, you cannot miss a visit to Bar Soria!

Loop Bar & Records

Loop Bar & Records on Calle San Matías, 8 is one of the most interesting joints in Granada. Their motto "We are interested in music, fundamentally independent, and on vinyl" says it all: if you are a lover of music and vinyl, this is your place. The atmosphere is excellent and the food acceptable, but it is not the place to go for the best tapas in Granada.

At Loop Bar & Records you can have a beer and a tapa while browsing records by unimaginable groups. The music is mainly rock, of the kind of a lifetime, and you can even request songs. Customers praise the good atmosphere, exceptional staff, and the ability to buy vinyl. Although it is true that sometimes the place can get too crowded, it is still a perfect place to have tapas and enjoy some rock music on San Matías street.

The tapas are more like appetizers to accompany the beer than anything else, but they are very tasty and well prepared (the salmorejo is especially recommended). The drinks menu is varied and there are also vegan options. Although it's not a place to sit down for dinner, it's an extremely cool and fun place with a clientele of alternative music fans and an atmosphere that feels like a community.

In summary, Loop Bar & Records is a beautiful bar, with excellent music, well-cared details and an extremely friendly owner. If you like independent music, vinyl and tapas to accompany a beer, this is definitely a place you can't miss in Granada.

Lemon Rock

The Lemon Rock is a fantastic place to have a drink and enjoy the live music as well as the delicious cuisine on offer. This establishment is located right in the center of the city of Granada and is one of the most popular places to go out for a drink and enjoy good music.

Live music is an essential part of the Lemon Rock experience. Live music concerts take place daily, with a wide variety of styles and artists performing on stage. This creates a vibrant and lively atmosphere that is hard to match anywhere else in the city.

Besides the music, the cuisine at Lemon Rock is exceptional. The dishes that come out of the kitchen are elaborate and have an excellent presentation. The dishes served often look very good, making customers want to try everything on the menu. Although the prices are medium high, it is worth paying for the quality and taste of the dishes.

The Lemon Rock staff is very attentive and friendly, helping to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all guests. Also, the generous tapas they often serve are a great way to try a variety of dishes and flavors.

In summary, if you are looking for a place to enjoy good live music and excellent cuisine, Lemon Rock is an excellent option in Granada. With a vibrant atmosphere, great music, and exceptional cuisine, it's a must-visit if you find yourself in the city. Without a doubt, when you return to Granada, you should stop by the Lemon Rock to enjoy an unforgettable experience.


If you are a heavy metal lover and you are in Granada, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Rainbow. This bar is considered the heaviest in the city and is a true sanctuary for fans of the most powerful rock. Located at Calle Marqués don Gonzalo, 11, this venue has become a benchmark for the heavy metal scene nationwide.

The Rainbow atmosphere is unbeatable for any self-respecting metalhead. Everything inside is decorated with the theme of the pub, highlighting a spectacular mural in honor of the most important groups in the metal world. Also striking are the guitar that hangs behind the bar and the beer shooter with Megadeth decorations. In addition, you cannot miss details such as the Viking Manuel, in charge of collecting glasses and jugs.

But, without a doubt, what makes the Rainbow a unique place are its connections with the world of heavy metal. The flyer signed by DIO and dedicated to the venue is one of the most precious relics of the bar's owners. There is no metal band that plays in Granada that does not end up in this joint. The members of Helloween or Jaded Heart have already tasted their beer.

At Rainbow you can enjoy good heavy metal music and a cool beer at a good price. Also, if you feel like it, you can choose a couple of songs to be played at the venue. You can also taste a shot of its wide variety. The waiters are always attentive and the atmosphere is usually very good, with very friendly and respectful people.

Lately, the Rainbow is being promoted as a place to enjoy live music, although there is no room for an acoustic drum kit, which is not a problem since you can take the recorded base and shoot it with a laptop or just play on acoustic format.

In short, if you like heavy metal and you are visiting Granada, the Rainbow is a place you cannot miss. Also, if you dare, you can leave your signature on the premises and be part of its history. Do not hesitate, visit it and live the heavy metal experience!

Low level

The Planta Baja, located at Calle Horno de Abad, 11, is an emblematic venue in Granada that has been the center of the city's musical culture since the 1980s. Directed by the members of Eskorzo, the Planta Baja has been recognized for his contribution to the world of Granada rock, which has been reflected in a book entitled "Planta Baja 1983-1993", a chronicle of the underground and modernity in Granada.

This place is not only a concert hall, but also a space for provocation, avant-garde and experimentation. The program includes a variety of concerts, theater and exhibitions, and in the lively techno nightclub, DJs offer a unique live music experience.

Quality of music and concerts. The decoration of the Ground Floor is very attractive, with a retro style that gives a unique touch to the place.

In short, the Planta Baja is an essential place for music lovers in Granada, with a rich history and a varied and quality programme. Although some people have had bad experiences with the staff, the majority of visitors have enjoyed a positive experience at this iconic venue in the city.

train room

La Tren is a concert hall and nightclub located at Carretera de Málaga, 136, Nave 7, on the outskirts of Granada, in the La Chana neighborhood. Its majority audience is twenty-somethings with a craving for rock, although it is also frequented by lovers of electronic music and dance in general. The room has a careful and varied program, which includes national and international artists of various genres.

La Tren's decor is inspired by futuristic trains, with constantly changing colored lights and a dance floor that seems to float in the air. The atmosphere is vibrant and full of energy, and people are always up for dancing and having fun. The DJ's are true masters in their field and know exactly how to get the crowd on their feet and dancing non-stop.

In addition to the nightclub, La Tren has a concert hall with magnificent sound, which has hosted artists of all kinds of music. The room also has a rehearsal room for groups and its own recording studio.

The concerts at La Tren are a unique experience, since the sound is of high quality and the proximity to the artists makes the atmosphere more intimate and special. The prices are popular and the room is always looking for new initiatives in dance music to satisfy its audience.

In short, La Tren is a reference concert venue and discotheque in Granada, with a varied and careful programme, a vibrant atmosphere and a modern and sophisticated decoration that make it a unique and special place to enjoy music and dance. .