when the grenade plays

Cuando juega el granada


When does Granada play: A guide to follow Granada Club de Fútbol

Information Details
Equipment Real Zaragoza vs. Granada CF
match status Programmed
Country Spain
TV channels Movistar Let's go, LaLiga SmartBank TV
Date SAT 08.04.2023
Hour 4:15 p.m.

A brief history of Granada Football Club

Granada Club de Fútbol is a professional soccer team based in Granada, Spain. Founded in 1931, the team has had ups and downs throughout its history, but has managed to establish itself as a benchmark in Spanish football. The team colours, red and white, symbolize their identity and passion for the sport.

The current season of Granada CF

featured matches

To know when Granada plays, it is essential to be aware of the current season. The soccer season in Spain generally starts in August and ends in May of the following year. During this period, Granada CF competes in the Spanish league, as well as in cup competitions and international tournaments, if they qualify.

Throughout the season, there are key matches that no Granada fan will want to miss. These include matchups against rival teams and matches that could have a significant impact on the team's position in the leaderboard.

table position

Granada CF's position in the league table is a crucial factor in determining when the team plays. Teams at the top of the table often compete in important games at the end of the season, while those at the bottom could find themselves involved in relegation games.

For up-to-date information on when Granada is playing, check sports websites and apps that provide real-time match times and standings.

How to follow Granada CF in the current season

streaming platforms

An easy way to find out when Granada is playing is to follow their matches on live football streaming platforms. In Spain, the league matches are mainly broadcast on pay channels such as Movistar+ and DAZN. In addition, some international tournaments and cup matches may be available on other platforms, such as ESPN or Eurosport, depending on broadcast agreements.

Social networks and websites

Another way to stay informed about when Granada plays

is to follow the team on social networks and visit their official website. Granada CF's social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, usually publish information about upcoming matches, schedules and news related to the team. You can also find details about when Granada play on their official website, which often features a full schedule of games and events.

In addition, there are mobile applications and sports websites that offer up-to-date information on matches and schedules. Download a reliable sports app on your mobile device or visit popular sports websites to stay informed when Granada play and track their performance throughout the season.


Knowing when Granada plays is essential for fans who want to follow the team throughout the season. By staying on top of match highlights, table position and streaming platforms, you'll be able to support Granada Club de Fútbol every step of the way. Don't forget to follow the team on social media and visit their official website for the latest information on when Granada play.