Vermouth in Granada

Vermút en Granada

Vermouth from Garage is a sample of the success that this drink is having today, and it is that more and more people are joining the trend of tasting this delicious drink. The recipe for this vermouth from Granada is unique and special, as it is made with Muscatel de Alejandría grapes, and is macerated with a careful selection of herbs and botanicals that give it its characteristic flavor and aroma.

The elaboration of Vermouth de Garage is quite an adventure, because its creator, Curro Marín, embarked on this project four years ago, without having his own land or vineyards, but with a great passion for the world of wine and gastronomy. Since then, he has worked hard to achieve a unique and exceptional recipe that has been recognized by the Peñín Guide with 92 points, which places it among the ten best vermouths in Spain.

Garage Vermouth stands out for its dark, clean and bright mahogany colour, which is combined with grape aromas and hints of wormwood and botanicals. On the palate, it is a powerful, spicy drink with a long and consistent flow, which is due in large part to the twelve months it spends in French oak barrels that have previously contained red wine. Thanks to this aging process, Garage Vermouth acquires aromas of vanilla and cinnamon that make it even more special.

In addition, Vermouth from Garage is an ideal ingredient to make premium cocktails such as the Pasión Granadina, which combines this vermouth with passion fruit puree, cane syrup, lime juice and ginger beer, creating a refreshing and delicious cocktail that is perfect to enjoy at any time.

In summary, Vermouth from Garage is a unique and exceptional drink that combines the best of tradition and innovation to create a flavor and aroma that will not leave anyone indifferent. If you want to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience, do not hesitate to try Vermouth from Garage and discover why it is considered one of the best vermouths in Spain.

Vermouth is a very popular drink in Spain and especially in Andalusia, where it is one of the most consumed drinks in bars and restaurants in the city. It is a drink with a bitter and sweet taste at the same time, which can be taken alone or mixed with other drinks. In Granada, vermouth is a drink deeply rooted in the local culture, and in this article we will tell you about everything you need to know about vermouth in Granada.

In Granada, vermouth is consumed throughout the year, although it is especially popular during weekends and holidays. It is a drink that is enjoyed in the company of friends or family, and that is taken both as an aperitif and after dinner. Vermouth is a very versatile drink that can be taken neat, with ice, with soda or with other ingredients such as olives, anchovies, chips, among others.

One of the most emblematic places to have vermouth in Granada is the Realejo neighborhood, where you will find numerous bars and taverns that offer a wide variety of vermouths, from the most classic to the most innovative. Another neighborhood that stands out for its vermouth culture is the Albaicín neighborhood, where you can enjoy this typical Andalusian drink in a charming environment.

In addition, in Granada the "Día del Vermouth" is celebrated annually, a festival that takes place in the month of May and which brings together lovers of this drink to enjoy music, food and, of course, vermouth. It is a very popular party in the city that you cannot miss if you are a fan of vermouth.

One of the most popular vermouths in Granada is the Padró vermouth, which is made by hand and has a wide variety of flavors, from the classic white and red to the most innovative strawberry. You can also find other quality vermouths in different wineries and specialized stores in the city.

In short, vermouth is a drink deeply rooted in the culture of Granada and one of the best ways to enjoy the social life of the city. Do not hesitate to try a vermouth in Granada and enjoy this typical Andalusian drink in a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Health!

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