Memento Mori Restaurant

Restaurante Mementomori

Mementomori, the new restaurant concept in Granada that offers a unique experience for all your senses. Located at Calle Málaga, 1, 18001 Granada, this place is a very cool place to enjoy dinner with your partner or to spend a night with friends.

The decoration is spectacular and everything is down to the smallest detail, even the bathrooms are impressive. The dishes are presented in a very original way, which gives a different touch to the gastronomic experience.

The service is fast and friendly, although at peak times it can be a bit slow due to the large clientele. However, the attention is good and the staff is always willing to help you with whatever you need.

The food is very elaborate and very well presented, although some dishes may surprise you while others may disappoint a bit. Even so, in general, the quality of the food is good and the average price of the dish ranges between 8 and 12 euros, which makes it an affordable place.

In addition to dinner, you can also enjoy a cocktail after dinner in the same place, which is served in a very original way. The cocktails are very rich and their presentation is in line with the decoration of the place.

The only drawback is that, due to the large number of customers they receive, it is difficult to reserve a table on weekends. However, it is a place that is definitely worth visiting.

Another thing that makes Mementomori special is that on the ground floor they have reserved a space to display the archaeological remains that were found during the construction of the new building, which turns this place into a kind of culinary museum.

In short, Mementomori is a recommended place to try and enjoy a unique gastronomic experience in Granada. It is a very cool place to eat and have a drink while a DJ plays music. The price is not very cheap but it is not extremely expensive either, and the experience is magnificent. Do not miss it.

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