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Negro Carbón: the temple of grilled meat in the Albayzín

Negro Carbón: el templo de la carne a la brasa en el Albayzín

Negro Carbón is a restaurant specializing in grilled cuisine located in the heart of the Albayzín, one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of Granada. This establishment has quickly earned a well-deserved reputation for offering extreme quality meats and for having quality certificates for the best meats in the world, such as Japanese Wagyu or Minhota beef.

The experience at Negro Carbón is truly unique. Each cut of meat is carefully prepared and served at its perfect point. The meats are juicy and melt in the mouth, making them delicious and exceptional. In addition, the service is exceptional, with highly trained staff who will explain all the cuts, sizes, flavors and origin, and give you recommendations on which dish to choose.

Although Negro Carbón is known for its meats, the offer of grilled vegetables is equally impressive. Artichokes, grilled vegetables and padrón peppers are some of the options that can be enjoyed.

The restaurant has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which is complemented by an excellent selection of wines and exceptional service. The average price per person is €45, which is fully justified by the quality of the food and the service.

As for desserts, Negro Carbón does not disappoint. The charcoal black cake, a creamy textured cheesecake, and the apple tart are two of the options that you cannot miss. Also, if you get a chance to try the French toast for dessert, you definitely won't regret it.

In short, Negro Carbón is the ideal place for meat lovers looking for a unique experience in Granada. With exceptional service, an impressive range of high-quality meats, a good selection of grilled vegetables and a delicious range of desserts, Negro Carbón is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in the city. If you are planning to visit Granada, make sure you book in advance, as the restaurant is usually full.

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