Mamma Rosa - Authentic flavors of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in Granada

Mamma Rosa - Sabores auténticos de la cocina italiana y mediterránea en Granada

If you are looking for an authentic culinary experience in Granada, you cannot miss visiting Mamma Rosa. This restaurant offers a wide variety of Italian, Mediterranean and European dishes that will satisfy the most demanding tastes. Also, if you are vegetarian or vegan, you will also find delicious options for you.

Located at Calle Angel Ganivet 15, in the Realejo - San Matias neighborhood, Mamma Rosa is known for its special pizzas and excellent customer service. The prices are reasonable and the quality of the ingredients is top notch. Each bite of the pizzas will transport you to Italy, with a perfect fusion of flavors and textures.

In addition to the pizzas, we recommend trying some of the pasta dishes, such as the duck with pasta and Roquefort cheese sauce, or the mozzarella casserole. Each dish is made with the best fresh ingredients and is expertly prepared, resulting in a unique gastronomic experience.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is cozy and perfect to enjoy a romantic dinner or to share with friends and family. The staff is very attentive, is always at your disposal and will help you choose the dishes that best suit your tastes and needs.

As for the prices, although some customers have commented that they are a bit high, most of them agree that the quality of the food and the service make the experience worthwhile. If you are looking for an unforgettable dinner in Granada, Mamma Rosa is definitely an excellent option.

In short, Mamma Rosa is the perfect place for those looking to enjoy authentic flavors of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in Granada, with vegetarian and vegan options. The atmosphere, the quality of the food and the customer service make this a unique and unforgettable gastronomic experience. Do not hesitate to visit this wonderful place on your next visit to Granada.

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