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The best Sushi restaurants in Granada 2023

Los mejores restaurantes de Sushi en Granada 2023

Granada has a wide variety of sushi restaurants for all tastes and budgets. During our experience in the city, we have had the opportunity to visit several of these places and try some of the most popular dishes of Japanese cuisine. Below we will share our impressions of some of the places we visited.

Sushi has become a global gastronomic trend, and Granada is no exception. More and more fans are encouraged to try the Japanese option, and in the city you can find a wide variety of restaurants that offer this delicious food.

Aisushi Restaurant,

It invites you to try its wide variety of delicious Japanese cuisine. It stands out for the exceptional quality of its products, the impeccable presentation of each dish and the attentive and friendly service they offer their customers.

From traditional flavors to the most innovative creations, at Aisushi you will find a unique and authentic gastronomic experience. Go visit them and see for yourself why they are recognized as one of the best Japanese restaurants in the city.

Allow me to introduce you to Aisushi Restaurant, a true culinary gem that offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience. This Japanese restaurant is located in a privileged place in the city, and has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that transports you to the streets of Tokyo.

One of the main attractions of this place is its exquisite food. If you are a lover of Japanese cuisine, you definitely have to visit Aisushi. Among the most recommended dishes are the Tuna Tartare, Uramakis, Salmon Tartare, Gunkan with Butter Fish, Cream Cheese and Truffle, Takoyaki and Beef Yakisoba, among others. Each bite is an explosion of flavor, prepared with the freshest, highest-quality ingredients.

In addition, the treatment of the staff is magnificent, being one of the things that diners highlight the most. From the moment you walk through the door, they make you feel at home, and this is thanks to their team of professionals led by Pablo, who makes sure that everything is an unforgettable experience. Also, the service is fast and efficient, allowing you to enjoy your meal without having to wait too long.

Regarding prices, the cost per person ranges between €20-30, and this includes a starter, drink, first course and dessert. Although some have commented that the price is a bit high, most agree that the quality of the food, the service and the atmosphere are worth it. Even if you want a more complete experience, you can opt for the Tasting Menu, which, although it is a little more expensive, is truly wonderful.

On the other hand, the restaurant has a beautiful outdoor terrace, where you can enjoy your favorite dishes in the open air, and a modern direct payment system through a code, which makes your experience even more comfortable and practical. .

In short, Aisushi Restaurant is an excellent option if you want to enjoy authentic Japanese food in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Its exquisite food, the magnificent treatment of the staff and its modern payment system make it a unique experience that you cannot miss.


From our experience at Masae, we can say that the customer service, the food and the atmosphere are simply wonderful. They are located at Callejón Antonino, 6, next to the Palacio de Los Patos, and they also offer the option of ordering food at home through their website.

In its menu you will find a wide variety of dishes to try on every occasion and discover new flavors. They have been awarded a Repsol Guide Solete for the quality of their dishes, and some customers have commented that "it is the closest thing to being in Japan".

We invite you to visit and enjoy its authentic and delicious Japanese cuisine, as well as its exceptional attention and service. We hope to see you soon in Masae!

I come to tell you about my experience at the Masae Japanese restaurant in Granada. If you are a fan of Japanese food, you will love this place. The restaurant's cuisine focuses on traditional Japanese cuisine and adds the personal flair of chef Masae herself. Dishes range from ramen with slow-cooked broths to delicate tempuras that wrap ingredients at their perfect crispiness, to traditional rice dishes with traditional breaded katsudon, gyozas, yakitori skewers, or the well-known sushi prepared with absolute mastery. All the dishes are prepared with the best ingredients and following the traditional Japanese way.

Without a doubt, it shows when in the kitchen they know what they are doing and they also put a lot of love into it. The dishes are spectacular and the price is more than adjusted for the quality they offer. No weird fusions or expensive fads, just authentic Japanese food.

Very remarkable is the amount of staff they have, which makes the service always fast and very attentive. In addition, it is surprising that everyone is always smiling and greeting everyone who enters so that from the moment you arrive you feel very comfortable.

The menu is very varied and the dishes are spectacular in every way. I have tried several Japanese restaurants in Grenada and so far I think Masae is the best of all. The food is delicious, tasty and in very generous portions. I recommend making a reservation before you go, as it tends to fill up very easily even on weekdays.

The property itself is beautiful and everything together makes you feel at home. I don't find any fault. Thank you for having a restaurant of 10!!

I have been several times and have never been disappointed. They have changed the menu, they have incorporated many photos and some other dishes. The sushi is impressive, the Anguilla nigiri is very good, the rice with vegetables is also very good, the guiozas... the truth is that everything is very, very good.

The restaurant is very centrally located, which makes it very convenient to eat something different from traditional food. The prices are moderate with quality, and the attention is great. It is worth noting the Katsudon and Kaarge, two spectacular dishes that you cannot miss.

In short, Masae is a highly recommended Japanese restaurant in Granada. Look no further, this is the best Japanese restaurant in Granada, without a doubt. Every piece of sushi I tried was an explosion of flavor comparable to when one stops being a baby and tries adult food for the first time hehe. I don't know what to recommend because I didn't taste anything bad, the hands of these cooks are art, they make simple avocado makis taste heavenly. My only regret is not having tried the desserts, so I'll have to go back.


Kiato, a curious name, right? But after reading the philosophy behind its name, I understand that the restaurant is committed to constant change and evolution. Food must be an art, and that is exactly what it feels like in this place.

Located on Calle General Narváez, 8, this restaurant offers a unique gastronomic experience. From the moment you walk in the door, it's clear that care has been taken to create a welcoming and elegant atmosphere. The workers are professional and friendly, adding an extra touch of comfort to the experience.

Now, let's talk about the food. The quality of the fish is exceptional, and it shows in every bite. The niguiris are especially tasty, and the presentation is exquisite. You can tell that the chefs at Kiato really know what they're doing, putting all their love and dedication into every dish that comes out of the kitchen.

All in all, my experience at Kiato was amazing. If you are looking for a place to have an authentic and delicious Japanese dinner, I would definitely recommend this restaurant. His philosophy of constant change and evolution is reflected in each dish, which makes the gastronomic experience exceptional.

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Kiato: a unique gastronomic experience in Granada

Granada is a city with a great gastronomic offer and one of the places that stands out in the city is Kiato. This restaurant venue specializes in Japanese cuisine and offers a unique dining experience. At Kiato, the special care taken to respect tradition and cooking style is reflected in each of its products, making a difference with its own way of making them and ending with a unique and different result.

From Granada plans, we recommend a visit to Kiato, since the attention received is truly wonderful. The staff in the room go out of their way to assist you and advise you, they even adapt the dish to your liking, which is a very valuable gesture on their part. Also, the quality of the food is unquestionable. They offer an experience without a menu with the idea of ​​offering fresh and better quality products, which will allow you to try things you didn't imagine and end up surprised at how much you like it. So we recommend going and letting yourself be carried away by the charm.

Kiato stands out for the high quality of the food and the personalized treatment of the waiter, who explains everything you are eating and how you should eat it. They offer an original and surprising mix of flavors that will not leave you indifferent. There is no menu, you sit down and they tell you what you are going to taste that day. So it is ideal for those looking for a different and unique experience.

Among the dishes recommended by customers, the Cheesecake and Crab and Tuna Top Rolls stand out. The sushi is spectacular with multiple vegetarian and vegan options. In addition, any dish on the menu can be adapted for you. Do not miss the SUSHI MESHI RICE, a simple but very good starter. Also noteworthy are the nigiris and the tuna sashimi, all with a different touch from the traditional ones. And if you fancy something different, don't miss the eel nigiri to finish, it's a paradise of flavors.

Another strength of Kiato is its ability to adapt to dietary restrictions. If you have any allergies or intolerances, don't worry, the staff will adapt the menu so that you can enjoy a unique gastronomic experience without worries.

In short, Kiato is one of the best Japanese in Granada and a must if you are passionate about Japanese food or simply looking for a different and unique gastronomic experience. From Granada plans, we highly recommend this place, since it does not disappoint and leaves you with that flavor that leaves you wanting to return.

Burbu Center Restaurant

If you are looking for a cozy place to enjoy authentic and quality Japanese food, the Burbu Centro Restaurant is an excellent option. Located at Calle Mesones 50, this restaurant is perfect for those who want to escape from the crowded places in the center and enjoy a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Customers who have visited the Burbu Centro Restaurant highlight the "zen atmosphere" that is perceived in the place, which creates an ideal environment for a quiet date or a relaxed meal with friends. The service is also highly valued by customers, who highlight the professionalism and friendliness of the staff.

But the most important thing in a restaurant is the food, and in this case the Burbu Centro Restaurant does not disappoint. Clients especially recommend the 'tuna tartare', a dish that is undoubtedly a delight for the palate. In addition, the restaurant menu offers a wide variety of options to satisfy all tastes.

In short, if you want to enjoy an authentic gastronomic experience in a calm and cozy atmosphere, the Burbu Centro Restaurant is an excellent option. Do not hesitate to try their dishes and discover why so many customers recommend it.

Are you a true gourmet and looking for a unique gastronomic experience? If so, we recommend that you visit the Burbu Centro Restaurant, an elegant establishment with a simple and modern decoration, which specializes in sushi and fusion cuisine recipes.

Whether you prefer to enjoy your food in the restaurant or if you prefer to order at home, the Burbu Centro Restaurant is an excellent option to try a variety of fusion sushi options. If you are looking for a truly delicious experience, we recommend trying the Futomaki fusion sushi and the Tuna truffle.

In addition, the quality of the service is not far behind. Customers have praised the exquisite treatment they have received on all their visits, and highlight the speed of the service. However, what really stands out about Burbu Centro Restaurant is the quality and variety of its food. From the sushi, which is all great, to the gyozas with a spectacular sauce, including the wok, everything is delicious!

But that is not all. For those who cannot resist a good dessert, the Burbu Centro Restaurant cheesecake is another level. The contrast of flavors and textures is impressive, and it is an experience that you cannot miss. Even the French toast is unbelievably good!

And if you're worried about the price, don't worry. Although it may seem high to some, the quality and treatment received at the Burbu Centro Restaurant fully justify the price.

Do not think twice, if you are a lover of fusion food and you are looking for a unique gastronomic experience, we highly recommend that you visit the Burbu Centro Restaurant. You will not regret!

Kirin Japanese Restaurant

If you are a lover of Japanese food and you are in Granada, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Kirin Japanese restaurant. This place is a great option for those who are looking for a quick and delicious meal without having to wait a long time.

The restaurant is located at Calle Pedro Antonio de Alarcón 23, in a privileged location that allows easy access from different parts of the city. One of the most outstanding aspects of this restaurant is the speed of the service, something that has been highlighted by numerous clients in their comments on TripAdvisor.

In addition, the Kirin Japanese restaurant has a very varied menu that offers options for all types of palates, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Clients have especially praised the mushrooms, which according to some diners, are an essential that you cannot stop trying.

If you prefer to enjoy food in the comfort of your home, this restaurant also offers home delivery so you can enjoy your favorite dishes without leaving home. The menu is quite extensive, so you can choose from a multitude of options and surprise your palate with a variety of flavors.

In short, the Kirin Japanese restaurant is an excellent option for those looking for a fast, delicious and varied meal. It doesn't matter if you are a lover of Japanese food or just want to try something new and different, this place will surely surprise you. Do not miss it!

If you are a lover of Japanese food and you are in the city of Granada, the Kirin restaurant is an excellent option to satisfy your cravings. With a long history in the city, this Japanese restaurant has managed to earn a place in the hearts of many diners thanks to the quality of its dishes and its excellent service.

One of the things that stands out about this restaurant is its well-decorated atmosphere with show cooking. The Kirin meter is known for his friendliness and ability to describe each dish in detail, allowing diners to have a unique experience where they can learn more about Japanese food culture.

If you visit Kirin on a Saturday night, you won't have to worry about waiting, as their service is fast and efficient. Also, the prices are quite reasonable in relation to the quality of the food.

If you have children and they like avocado sushi and shrimp salad, Kirin is an excellent option to satisfy their cravings. But not only that, since the restaurant also has other spectacular dishes, such as the Kirin bream, one of the finest and most surprising you can try.

Other notable menu items include the chicken and vegetable noodles, the spectacular gyozas and the teriyaki chicken. If you are a sushi lover, you cannot miss the tasting menu, where you can choose between several dishes.

Kirin also offers a variety of drinks, including local beer, soft drinks, and Japanese Sapporo beer. In addition, the restaurant has a minimalist-Japanese aesthetic, which makes it cozy and beautiful.

As for the service, the Kirin employees are very helpful and are always on the lookout to offer information and recommendations on each of the dishes. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask them, as they will be happy to help you.

In summary, if you are in the city of Granada and you are looking for an excellent quality Japanese restaurant, Kirin is an excellent option. With quality dishes and exceptional service, this restaurant is ideal for dining as a couple, in a group or even for events

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