"The 15 most popular restaurants in Granada to enjoy excellent food" 2023

"Los 15 restaurantes más populares en Granada para disfrutar de una excelente comida" 2023

Discover the best restaurants in Granada to enjoy its unique gastronomy and the impressive views of the Alhambra.

Granada is a city with a charm that makes anyone who visits it fall in love. Its historical and cultural heritage have made it a World Heritage City, and its unique beauty and Arab aromas make it even more special. It is impossible not to get lost in its alleys, gardens and squares, and feel the Andalusian past in every corner.

But Granada is also a city to enjoy with the senses. Its gastronomy is a perfect mix of tradition and modernity, which can be tasted in each of its restaurants. From the famous tapas served in the city's bars and taverns, to the most sophisticated tasting menus, food in Granada is an experience that must be lived.

Among the most outstanding restaurants are Carmen de Aben Humeya, El Agua, El Huerto de Juan Ranas, Las Tomasas, Los Diamantes, Damasqueros, La Tana, Aliatar, Cunini, La Chumbera, El Claustro, Faralá, Aljibe 1644, Tinta Fina, The Trillo or Apö. Each of them offers a unique gastronomic experience, which honors the cultural and culinary wealth of Granada.

In short, Granada is a city that has everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Whether walking through its orange blossom-scented streets, admiring the beauty of the Alhambra or enjoying its gastronomy, every moment in Granada is a gift for the senses.

Are you ready to embark on a gastronomic route through one of the most beautiful cities, with the most charm and the most impressive sunsets in Spain? Do not miss it!

Carmen de Aben Humeya

Do you want to know which is the perfect restaurant to enjoy an unforgettable dinner in Granada? Then don't miss Carmen by Aben Humeya. This panoramic restaurant offers you a spectacular view of the city, making it the perfect place for a romantic dinner or a special meal that you will not be able to forget.

At Carmen de Aben Humeya, contemporary cuisine is the star, combining traditional recipes from Granada with the most innovative gastronomy to create a proposal that fuses flavors and pays special attention to the quality of the ingredients.

Among the dishes that we recommend you to try are the Motril shrimp carpaccio with citrus touches of lime and orange, the mango Ajoblanco with smoked organic sturgeon from Riofrío and grapes, the Panko-fried eggplants with sweet miso gel with aubergine cream and honey, creamy red curry rice with seasonal mushrooms and green apple, boneless oxtail stewed with Payoyo cheese purée and oven-baked Monkfish with quinoa seeds and mozarabic sauce.

Located at Cuesta de las Tomasas, 12, do not hesitate to visit this restaurant and discover a unique gastronomic experience in Granada.


If you are looking for a restaurant with spectacular views of Granada and the Alhambra from the Albayzín, you cannot miss the El Agua Restaurant. Its menu combines traditional dishes with modern touches to satisfy all tastes.

Among the most elaborate proposals are the "Ingot of foie mi-cuit with trumpet of death and quince meat", the "Scallop salad with wakame seaweed and kimchi vinaigrette", the "Smoked eel tartare with strawberries and compote de figs", red tuna and salmon tartares, old sirloin steak tartare in panipuri and truffle mayonnaise, tatakis, sashimi, nems, among other dishes that go around the world from Granada.

El Agua Restaurant offers a complete gastronomic experience with a careful selection of wines and cocktails to accompany your dishes. If you want to enjoy a unique dinner, do not hesitate to visit this place located at C/ Placeta del Aljibe Trillo, 7.

The Garden of Juan Ranas

If you are looking for an unforgettable gastronomic experience in Granada, you cannot miss El Huerto de Juan Ranas. This restaurant offers not only spectacular views of the Alhambra, but also high-quality Andalusian cuisine and an exceptional wine selection. Each space in the restaurant is full of details that transport you to another world and make you feel at home.

On the menu you will find typical regional dishes, such as salmorejo and croquettes, as well as more innovative options, such as tajine or tuna tartare. Do not miss the rabbit chops breaded with chimichurri sauce or the battered cod tacos, which will leave you wanting more.

El Huerto de Juan Ranas is located at C/ Atarazana Vieja, 6, and is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic dinner or lunch with friends in a magical and cozy atmosphere.

The Tomasas

If you are looking for a restaurant with dream views in Albaicín, Las Tomasas is an option that you cannot fail to consider. In addition to having a spectacular view of the Andalusian palace, this place stands out for a menu based on seasonal products and an avant-garde cocktail bar that breaks with the traditional approach.

On its menu, you can find a wide variety of dishes, from classic starters such as 'Free range eggs with boletus, homemade crumbs and potato and foie cream', to soups such as 'Andalusian Gazpacho with pico de gallo and creamy cheese' or 'Ajoblanco Malagueño, anchovy, grapes and crunchy pine nuts'.

They also offer salads, rice, pasta, meat and fish, as well as an 8-course tasting menu for 60 euros (previous reservation).

Undoubtedly, Las Tomasas is a very attractive gastronomic option in Albaicín, with a menu that combines tradition and avant-garde and an impressive view of the Andalusian palace.

You can find Las Tomasas at C/ San Agustín, 4.


Lola Marín's restaurant, located at C/ Damasqueros, 3, offers a weekly tasting menu for 55 euros (75 with pairing), where its chef is considered a young promise of Granada cuisine. Lola Marín's cuisine is based on the Andalusian tradition, although she uses avant-garde techniques in her dishes. In addition, they have an excellent selection of local wines to accompany the food.

In its tasting menu you can find dishes such as 'Güejar chorizo ​​croquette', 'Smoked salmorejo with cottage cheese and Motril horse mackerel', 'Beef tartare, sour apple and hazelnut', 'Warm shrimp, its ravioli and partridge velouté', 'Desalted cod with onion and tripe', 'Iberian loin with "zurrapa" and roasted garlic', and 'Sweet Cous-Cus with carrot and vanilla'. All at a very fair price for the quality of the dishes they offer.

La Tana

La Tana is a 100% Andalusian tavern that is among the essentials of Granada gastronomy thanks to its tapas and its wide selection of wines that are on the shelves. Its Iberian ham, fried black pudding, homemade pâté and sensational pumpkin will hypnotize you. Also, if you are a big fan of cheesecake, they prepare one of the best in the city.

The La Tana bar has been visited by renowned chefs such as Pepe Solla and even Ferran Adrià himself, which is a good sign of the quality of its tapas. In 2020, it was chosen as the Best Wine Bar in Spain at the International Wine Challenge.

If you want to enjoy a good selection of tapas and wines, La Tana is the perfect place for you. Do not miss the opportunity to try their delicious tapas and the wide selection of wines they offer on their shelves.

Address: C/ Placeta del Agua, 3.

Aliatar Bar

If you are taking a walk through the Albaicín neighborhood and you are not looking for a stop with romantic views, do not miss the opportunity to visit Bar Aliatar. This is one of the classic tapas in Granada, which has been serving its specialties since 1947. Let yourself be seduced by its ham and snails with a spicy almond and chilli broth.

In addition, you can also choose to try one of its more than 20 types of sandwiches, accompanied by quality beers or wines. Bar Aliatar has two locations.


If you fancy enjoying a good seafood restaurant in Granada, Cunini is an excellent option. Known for its seafood specialties and Russian salad, this restaurant has earned its fame thanks to the high quality of its products and attention to detail in its preparation. You can try their dishes from the dining room, the bar or its sunny terrace.

The restaurant is located at C/ Plaza Pescadería, 14.

the prickly pear

Located in the Sacromonte neighborhood, La Chumbera is located on a legendary hill and has beautiful caves and terraces with panoramic views of the Valparaíso valley, the Alhambra, the Albaicín neighborhood and the Cathedral. Its excellent catering service makes it a popular venue for weddings in Granada, especially due to its large main terrace with capacity for 400 people.

The address is Camino de Sacromonte, 107.

the cloister

If you are looking for a gastronomic experience that combines surprising flavors with presentations that are meticulous in detail, then you should visit El Claustro, the restaurant located in the Palacio de Santa Paula. This restaurant is located in what used to be the refectory of the homonymous convent and is run by Rafael Arroyo. Here you can enjoy avant-garde haute cuisine with a Mediterranean essence, in which traditional Andalusian gastronomy is fused with new modern culinary concepts.

The restaurant is located in the Hotel Palacio de Santa Paula, on Gran Vía de Colón, 31.

Farala Restaurant

If you are a lover of food that not only has surprising flavors, but also a presentation that is meticulous in detail, then Faralá Restaurant is the perfect place for you. Located at the entrance to the Alhambra Gardens, this restaurant offers an authentic gastronomic experience where the culinary history of Granada is mixed with unique flavors and textures.

Faralá offers three tasting menus with prices ranging between 60 and 98 euros. In them you can taste dishes such as Mussels in Escabeche and Colorá Butter, Eggplants with Honey, Riofrio Trout Tartlet, Sacromonte Omelette or Textured Mushrooms, among many other options.

Tradition, emotion and culture are the foundations of Faralá, and this gastronomic experience will not leave you indifferent.

Address: C/ Cuesta de Gomérez, 11, 1st Floor.

Cistern Restaurant 1644

Enjoy years of history at Aljibe 1644, a restaurant located in one of the most emblematic areas of Granada, Bajo Albaicín, with views of the Alhambra and the Darro River. Chef Ángel Rodríguez is committed to authentic cuisine based on products from Granada. In your letter you will find several menus to choose from or you can jump directly to select what you most want to try. The choice will not be easy, since its culinary offer is very varied and includes dishes as tempting as the 'Wagyu carpaccio with mushroom and cheese flakes', the 'Alpujarreño-style wheat stir-fry with loin of orza and fried egg', the 'Cod ingots battered with almonds in lemon sauce', the 'Iberian Secreto caramelized in vanilla and sherry vinegar' or the 'Chocolate Cake from the Chef', suitable for coeliacs. You will have a hard time deciding where to start!

The restaurant is located at Carrera del Darro, number 9.

fine ink

We present you Tinta Fina, a restaurant that will impress you with its warm and cozy design decoration in the style of a New York loft. On its menu, you will find a wide range of high-quality seasonal products, ranging from entrees with a taste of the sea -such as oysters, scallops and Motril shellfish-, options to share, complete salads, black or brothy rice, meat and fish , tatakis, tartare, fusion cuisine and its specialties such as the delicious 'Fine Red Sirloin in Porto with foie and truffle', 'Fresh grilled foie', 'Berlinés Knuckle' and the irresistible 'Grilled suckling lamb chops' among Other options.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy market cuisine in a modern and elegant environment, Tinta Fina is the ideal place. Come visit us at C/ Ángel Ganivet, 6

the threshing floor

Discover the Mediterranean cuisine of chef Jesús Pernía at El Trillo Restaurant, located in an oasis between Darro and San Nicolás. Both the elegant interior decoration and the terrace surrounded by vegetation offer spectacular views of the Alhambra. The gastronomic proposal of El Trillo is based on fresh and local products, with olive oil as the protagonist in the preparation of its meat, fish and creams. Enjoy a privileged atmosphere and quality service in this restaurant that will undoubtedly make you want to return.

Address: Callejón Algibe del Trillo, 3.


APÖ is a restaurant that pays homage to fire and the community it has created throughout human history. Its name, coming from the word that the Pemons use to refer to fire, represents their spirit of union and sharing around a table.

Its menu is designed to share and unite people around food, offering dishes that combine high-quality ingredients and innovative culinary techniques. The 'Grilled confit artichokes with low-temperature eggs and Duroc ham', the arepitas, the 'Double-cooked pork ribs', or the 'Mixed sea bass, squid and prawn ceviche' stand out.

Located in Plaza de San Lázaro, 15, APÖ has a cozy and elegant atmosphere that invites you to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience. Do not hesitate to visit them and enjoy their unique proposal!

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