Without a doubt, the best city for tapas is Granada . The Granada Tapa is the best in the world. We warn you! But why? Because it has experience, personality and diversity. Its philosophy has remained unchanged since time immemorial, allowing us to offer years of history.

We have tried the tapas from countless places in Granada and that is why we are sufficiently prepared to tell you where to eat the best tapas . we start.

Bar La Riviera

Milanesa , grills , croquettes , loin with cheese , octopus legs and riviera potatoes with their cream and small pieces of ham .

With fast service, you will find a bar that will delight you, we consider it economical with a price of 2 Euros per cane.

Loin with peppers and meat sandwiches in sauce we also recommend it.

The site is very central.

Street: Cetti Meriem, 7, 18010 Granada

Castañeda Wineries

Wines, beer and anything you order will be great.

It is one of the most famous sites in the city. Located in the Reyes Católicos area, you can be both inside and outside. With an extensive and varied menu, we recommend you try its hot and cold tables. Be sure to try the assortment of cheeses and pâté as well as the charcuterie boards.

We recommend that you try the Croquettes . Also try the Gazpacho , smooth and creamy.

Artichokes , octopus and secret . We tried all of this and we loved it all.

Be sure to try their Vermouths

Street: Almireceros, 1, 3, 18010 Granada

La Tana Tavern

It was one of the places we liked the most. Very pleasant atmosphere and a high quality menu.

We could start by recommending the sardine herrings with salmorejo . Also something typical of Granada, the seasoned tomato and the delicious tenderloin with salt .

The delicious cheese board as well as the Iberian ham .

Watch out for their wines, great wines from the area that you cannot stop drinking.

Also try their tortilla and blood sausage . We also recommend the shredded beef .

Pcta. del Agua, 3, 18009 Granada

bar the diamonds

Good tapas. Be careful with the fried fish , prawns , aubergines with honey , clams , octopus and calamari . More or less this was a summary of what we tried and we can say that everything is delicious.

To also try its soupy rice with a point that made it delicious. Mushrooms , Mussels ,... be sure to try them.

Ahh, and the assortment of fish with its dogfish , anchovies , prawns , squid and cuttlefish . With a perfect batter.

Pl. Nueva, 13, 18009 Granada

Restaurant Los Manueles

A place that we loved with very good food. The croquettes worthy of admiration. Be sure to try their meatballs , potato omelette and flamenquín . All this recommended 100%.

The attention was very friendly and fast and what caught our attention the most was the homemade flavor of things.

Be sure to try the salad and the pork in sauce . His rice tapa was also on point and had a very pleasant flavor.

Calle Reyes Católicos, 61, 18010 Granada

Bar Cheers

To enjoy this bar we have to go to the Zaidín neighborhood, but we can tell you that it is worth it.

With good attention from its waiters we could review a mythical tenderloin sandwich with Ali oli. That day we tried the migas , the paella and the patatas a lo pobre , everything was very tasty.

The delicious chicken tears , extraordinarily rich. We also recommend the farruco .

Generous tapas too, so "ale": recommended place.

Calle Dr. Creus, 5, 18007 Granada

rosario varela

Good menu and good service and the place located in a wonderful enclave. Original and exquisite dishes. From Rosario Varela we also have to highlight its decoration, it is beautiful.

We tried the tortilla and the ribs , all just right. Even the potatoes that accompanied the ribs were spectacular. We tried the Tierno de Ropa vieja with a delicious sauce.

The duck bao , the tartare , the octopus ,... try them because they are exquisite.

Be sure to savor the rich guacamole and its skinned potatoes .

Calle Varela, 10, 18009 Granada

House July 1947

An authentic Granada bar, photos, tiles, its colors from Granada, in short, a luxury for the senses.

We recommend the battered dogfish , with an impeccable batter.

Anchovies , fried prawns and aubergines with honey highly recommended.

Also watch out for their croquettes because they were delicious.

Calle Hermosa, 5, 18010 Granada

the sitarilla

We like their tapas, which are usually very large. We really liked their meat in sauce. We liked its decoration. We also loved the cuttlefish , very rich and tasty. The croquettes (as in all of Granada) are very tasty.

We recommend that you order the meatballs with pepper sauce , very elaborate in the traditional style, like the kitchen of the grandmother of a lifetime.

We ordered some broken eggs that we loved, as well as the Russian salad .

We recommend it because it is a typical Andalusian place and that caught our attention.

Calle San Miguel Alta, 7, 18002 Granada

D'Platos Center

A place to try gourmet tapas and delicious food.

To try the chicken croquettes with ham and caramelized onion, very tasty.

We advise that the price is a little more expensive but it is worth it. The cuisine very varied. You will be able to try new flavors, selected products and careful preparations.

We recommend you try the chicken skewer with spicy sauce and the sardine with guacamole .

Calle Acera del Darro, 92, 18005 Granada

The wine cellar

Good dishes and good selection of wines. Exquisite food with fresh ingredients and very well presented.

Very tasty stewed lentils with chorizo . Sticky rice was spectacular. Tremendous mango salad too.

In short, we recommend everything.

Calle Almireceros, 5, 18010 Granada



We recommend all the tapas, portions and dishes that we have included in this brief guide. You can try them without problems because they will be to your liking. We were in more places but we will leave those for another article.



  • Elena

    Los Manueles las mejores tapas. Me alegro mucho de verlas en vuestro listado. Las demás tengo que ir a probarlas, algunos sitios no los conocía

  • María

    Magnífica. Mil gracias, algunos de los sitios he estado y realmente son maravillosos. Muchas gracias por el trabajo

  • jose

    muy buena selección. habrá que probarlas

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