BOP Granada: it is not an ideal plan to consult it but you may need it

BOP Granada: no es un plan ideal consultarlo pero lo puedes necesitar

The Official Gazette of the Province of Granada (BOP) is the official means of publication of the rules, provisions and acts of the Provincial Council of Granada and the town halls of the province. In addition, the BOP also publishes announcements and news of general interest to citizens.

Through the BOP Granada website ( ), you can access all the publications and editions of the bulletin since the year 2000. In it, you can find links to the different sections and contents of the newsletter, among which are:

  • Official announcements of the Provincial Council of Granada and the town halls of the province
  • Edicts and notifications related to administrative procedures
  • Announcements and resolutions of contests and oppositions
  • Public information on licenses, authorizations and permits
  • Approval and publication of ordinances, regulations and general provisions
  • Publication of minutes and agreements of plenary sessions and local government boards
  • Information on subsidies and public aid
  • Publication of edicts of general interest, such as judicial summons or tax debts

The BOP of Granada is an important resource to stay informed about current affairs and administrative matters in the province. In addition, it allows access to relevant information for companies and individuals, as well as for legal and public administration professionals.