What to do in Granada: 20 plans that you cannot miss

Qué hacer en Granada: 20 planes que no podrás perderte

If we are talking about one of the most visited cities in Spain , without a doubt we are talking about Granada . Its rich heritage and the experience it provides always leave a beautiful mark on everyone who steps foot in it. We know that sooner or later you are going to visit it, so keep in mind that we are going to propose some of the best things to do in Granada , so that when you return you feel that you have taken advantage of your time, and leave with the feeling of having thoroughly enjoyed Granada.

20 things to do in Granada that you cannot miss!

No traveler can succumb to the charms of its main bulwark, the Alhambra , but speaking of Granada , you will be impressed by its streets, squares, and neighborhoods such as the Albaicín or the Sacromonte.

But the thing does not stop there, if Granada stands out for something, it is for its incredible cuisine and gastronomy . Tapas and more tapas will open as you pass, (as if not to let you pass). The top, like the Alhambra, are like the "pretty girls" of Granada. Flamenco also carries it as its flag, now we will talk about it. And of course, its landscapes, its sunsets from any of its viewpoints. aww! just thinking about Granada and we continue to fall in love.

Read our full article and find out more. we start.

1. Granada tour

The first thing that we are going to propose to you without a doubt is a Granada Tour . Get to know the city at the hands of some of the wonderful Guides who will tell you secrets, curiosities and the history of the city, Be careful! history alive too. In this Tour they will specify many things that are a must. We have Guides for you, ask us about them.

2. Visit the Alhambra, one of the most beautiful monuments in the world

The Alhambra , or rather THE ALHAMBRA with capital letters. The Nasrid jewel of Granada. I don't know how many times you will be able to visit it, but you will always have something to discover, imagine everything that happened in it. You can see it at any time of the day because it will always have its charm.

Declared a World Heritage Site for its incredible architecture, inspiration and site copied throughout history. You will be able to access places such as El Baño de la Mezquita , the Alcazaba , the Nasrid Palaces , the Patio de los Leones , as well as access to the Palace of Carlos V , which is free, the Museum of Fine Arts , and in short, any corner that visit "you will love it".

It has different types of tickets, the one we recommend "the general". Tickets are limited so they run out long before, when you are clear about what you want to visit "Buy it".

We sell it to you, we are here for that.

3. Visit the Cathedral of Granada and the Royal Chapel

When you go through the streets of Granada you will be able to see (depending on which corner) a place that is essential to visit. The Cathedral of Granada, and you know what? It is the first Renaissance religious temple built in Spain, it was ordered to be built by the Catholic Monarchs.

Visit the Cathedral Museum , the Main Chapel, and many works of art, for example those of Alonso Cano . The Royal Chapel , what an eye! They keep the remains of the Catholic Monarchs , Juana la Loca , Felipe el Hermoso ,...

You can hire our Tour to visit the Cathedral because it will not leave you indifferent.

4. Visit the Sacromonte and the Abbey

And the hour of the haunting has arrived, because Granada in general is haunted, but if there is a neighborhood that has a leprechaun, it is this El Sacromonte . Flamenco on all four sides, art and little white houses, dug into the mountain. And this neighborhood is like that. Magical in every way.

5. New square and the Paseo de los Tristes

The most typical of Granada (anyone you know from Granada can tell you) take a walk through this area. The Paseo de los Tristes , which we can already tell you is not sad at all, will take you to another era, to another style and to another sensation. We want you to check it out and tell us. It gives access to the Albaicín neighborhood . You will be able to find picturesque buildings such as the Casa de los Pisa and the Royal Chancery . Bars and restaurants, shops, and your river next door. Delight for the senses.

The Paseo de los Tristes, whose real name is from Father Manjón, gets its name because the funeral processions used to go along it when they were on their way to the cemetery when they passed away. The Darro River runs parallel to it, and on one side you will see the Alhambra and on the other the Barrio del Albaicín .

Small terraces where you can try Granada's tapas (now we'll talk about them, don't worry)

If you want to know everything we tell you, hire our Tour, trying a Granada tapa is not the same as the best Tapas and we know a little about that.

6. Visit the Albaicín neighborhood

pomegranate albaicin

And you keep walking and walking along your paseo de los tristes and you must say: I'm going to the Albaicín , and the duende and magic are back. Up the hill with winding streets, you are delving into the pure love and tradition of the most essential places to see in Granada.

We also have our Tour to visit "el Albaicín" do not miss it.

At night or during the day, you will be able to find "solitude" or "love", the little squares or the cante, because there is "a lot of cante" in the Albaicín.

The Palace of Dar al-Horra , monasteries, convents such as Santa Isabel la Real , Bañuelo public bath , cármenes and Moorish houses, we name as an example the Casa del Chapiz , Churches and what we will give a separate section "the viewpoint of Saint Nicholas"

7. Visit the Mirador de San Nicolás

You will have the best panoramic view of the Alhambra from the Mirador de San Nicolás , and if they are already singing to you nearby (which is almost always) you will be able to see Sierra Nevada, the city, and the best memory, the most beautiful postcard you can get take away from the Alhambra. You can go at any time but it is true that the sunset is wonderful.

8. The viewpoint of San Miguel high

And I don't know why, I like the San Nicolás viewpoint, but the high San Miguel viewpoint has a special charm for us. Higher up, as if touching the sky of Granada, that sky that fills the lungs with pure air, and I remember that we have Sierra Nevada next to us, and that wind reaches you.

Close your eyes from the viewpoint and listen to the murmur of the people who will walk safely there. If you don't want people? move a few meters and stay alone, you can do it too.

9. Visit the street of tea shops

When they told us about Granada, they always told us, don't forget to visit Calle de las Teterías . Indeed, with bazaars, craft shops, going up one of the streets perpendicular to Calle Elvira you will find this wonderful place. We recommend something like " a Pakistani " which is a milk tea, but what teas do you have to get bored. Are you seriously going to miss it?

10. Visit Royal Gate

We are going to leave the romanticism of everything we have told you about and we are going to the center of Granada . From Puerta Real , which we are going to call "the heart of Granada" because the streets converge that will take you to all of Granada. Like the heart and its arteries? Well, that is Puertal Real, the living heart of Granada.

From there we go to Ganivet street, with its bars, pubs, restaurants. Collections with their stores. Inns to the cathedral, Catholic Monarchs to Plaza Nueva and Acera del Darro to the Church of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias . Modern, classic, noise, people, bustle, and for the little ones and not so little ones, its Burger King, why not? Once a year does not hurt.

11. The best Tapas in Granada

Here we wanted to arrive, because not everything is going to be walking and visiting. It's time to eat at noon or dinner. STOP, time to surprise you with the Tapa and we have already discussed in this article that it is, together with the Alhambra, the pretty girl of Granada.

It combines the Christian and Muslim traditions of Granada, singular, large, small. It is that having a tapa in Granada is like savoring the city. As I read in "wherever" A whole life to reach it and a whole moment to taste it.

Here we are going to ask you to ask us for our Tapas Tour, you will not regret it.

12. Visit Sierra Nevada

Where the stars meet the Earth.

Everything is connected. At more than 2000 meters above sea level, a deep connection between heaven and earth gives life to the Sierra Nevada . The stars shine, illuminate the night and illuminate one of the places in Spain par excellence to enjoy.

In Sierra Nevada you can not only go skiing, we take that for sure, you can go to breathe fresh air, drink coffee, go hiking. Do you dare to climb the Mulhacen ? to the weathervane ?

With or without snow you must go up. You are going to hallucinate

Ask us about our routes.

13. Ganivet Street

The street par excellence for pubs and entertainment venues, although Granada has many streets of this type, without a doubt we take you to a place to enjoy the Tardeo de Granada or nightlife . Concerts, drinks, wines and tapas, and this is Granada, a lot of these words.

14. Visit Calle Recogidas and Mesones

Famous and less famous stores, big firms and not so big but with their charm. It is that if you need to buy some "clothes" do not hesitate, Granada has a lot of shopping tourism, go shopping , Los Zara and company you will find them in these streets. So reserve one of these days to dedicate it to it.

15. Concerts

As if it were an urban festival, although it is true that this is lacking in Granada, music in the street (although you always find someone playing their guitar in a small square) Granada is live music. A little concert has become fashionable in the locals, and we affectionately call it that. Flamenquito, rock, pop, cover concerts (as the versions are now called) Do not forget to visit our instagram because we will tell you where the best concerts are in Granada in any of its entertainment venues.

16. Bib-Ramblas Square

We love this square, large and spacious with many terraces, although it is full on Sundays, for example, with painting. Visit it and enjoy a "chic" atmosphere as we call it. It's pretty because it's pretty.

17. Others and other places to visit in Granada

Corral del Carbón, the Madraza palace, Plaza de Toros, the Moor's chair, Barrio del Realejo, Museum of the Royal Chapel, Carmen de los Mártires, Caja Granada Museum, Manuel de Falla House-Museum, García House-Museum Lorca, Plaza de Mariana Pineda, Jardines del Triunfo,... and so we could fill our article with incredible places to visit in Granada.

Ask us for our Routes for a complete tour for any of them or for all of them at the same time and in Granada we know that you will love them.

18. Repeat Tapas

19. Repeat Visit the Alhambra

20. Discover Granada yourself

We leave these last 3 sections for you to repeat and repeat and discover why Granada is discovered and we invite you to discover it, walk and walk, and live it, as we say "Living Granada".

Are you ready?