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Squares and small squares of Granada

Plazas y plazoletas de Granada

Hello! Here I present a list of the most important squares and small squares found in Granada, Spain:

  1. New Square
  2. Bib Rambla Square
  3. Carmen Square
  4. Santa Ana Square
  5. Romanilla Square
  6. San Miguel Bajo Square
  7. Saint John of the Cross Square
  8. long square
  9. Santo Domingo Square
  10. San Agustin Square
  11. Fish Market Square
  12. university square
  13. Trinity Square
  14. Mariana Pineda Square
  15. Square of the Pilgrims
  16. Placeta de los Aljibes
  17. Porra Square
  18. Lower Jail Square
  19. Placeta de San Gregorio
  20. Green Cross Square
  21. Lawyer's Square
  22. Placeta de San Juan de Letrán
  23. Place of the Schools
  24. Conception Square
  25. Square of San Miguel Alto
  26. Placeta del Padre Suárez
  27. Placeta de la Magdalena
  28. Square of Saint Michael the Archangel
  29. Aliatar Square
  30. Saint Nicholas Square

I hope this list will help you to get to know the most important squares and small squares in Granada.