Monuments of Granada to visit

Monumentos de Granada para visitar

Hello! Here we present a complete list of all the monuments found in Granada, Spain:

  1. alhambra
  2. Generalife
  3. Charles V Palace
  4. Saint Jerome Monastery
  5. Granada Cathedral
  6. Royal chapel
  7. Basilica of Our Lady of Sorrows
  8. Saint Francis Convent
  9. Church of San Gil and Santa Ana
  10. Church of the Tabernacle
  11. Church of Saint John of God
  12. St. Joseph's Church
  13. Church of San Miguel Bajo
  14. Church of Santo Domingo
  15. Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul
  16. Church of San Cecilio
  17. royal hospital
  18. Royal Chancery
  19. Royal College of San Bartolomé and Santiago
  20. Federico García Lorca House-Museum
  21. House of the Shots
  22. Zafra House
  23. Coal Corral
  24. Palace of the Cordova
  25. House of the Pisa
  26. Dar-al-Horra Palace
  27. Castril House
  28. Madrasa Palace
  29. Palace of the Provincial Council
  30. Bibataubin Palace
  31. House of the Masks
  32. House of the Gate of the Cross
  33. elvira door
  34. Gate of the Granadas
  35. Guadix Gate
  36. cute door
  37. royal gate
  38. Bermejas Towers
  39. Alhacaba Towers
  40. Alhambra towers
  41. candle tower
  42. Towers of the Infantas
  43. Hidalgos Towers
  44. Pine Towers
  45. Daraja Towers
  46. Torres del Rey Chico

We hope this list will help you to know all the monuments of Granada.