Viewpoints of Granada. Complete list

Miradores de Granada. Lista completa

Complete list of all the viewpoints in Granada, including both the best known and other less famous but equally impressive:

  1. Saint Nicholas' lookout
  2. San Cristobal viewpoint
  3. Viewpoint of San Miguel Alto
  4. Viewpoint of Las Morillas
  5. Los Carvajales viewpoint
  6. viewpoint of the churra
  7. Viewpoint of the Silla del Moro
  8. Viewpoint of the Barranco del Abogado
  9. Viewpoint of the Hermitage of San Miguel
  10. Viewpoint of the Paseo de los Tristes
  11. Viewpoint of the Plaza de San Miguel Bajo
  12. Viewpoint of the Fuente del Hazelnut
  13. Viewpoint of the Placeta de Carvajales
  14. Gloria street viewpoint
  15. Viewpoint of the Palace of Congresses
  16. Viewpoint of the Science Park
  17. Trillo Cistern Viewpoint
  18. Viewpoint of the Cerro de San Miguel
  19. Sacromonte viewpoint
  20. Mauror Hill Viewpoint

Each of these viewpoints has something special to offer, be it a panoramic view of the city, a unique perspective of the Alhambra, or simply a quiet place to enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings. If you have the opportunity, we recommend you visit them all and discover for yourself the wonder of Granada's viewpoints.