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The best of Holy Week in Granada according to the followers of Granada Planes

Lo mejor de la Semana Santa de Granada según los seguidores de Granada Planes

Holy Week in Granada is a unique experience, full of tradition, devotion and solemnity. In this article, we are going to explore some of the highlights and recommendations from Granada Planes fans to enjoy this celebration to the fullest.

Zafra Alley, Silence, Maundy Thursday

Holy Thursday is one of the most exciting days of Holy Week in Granada. One of the must-see events is the processional parade of the Brotherhood of Silence, which crosses the emblematic Callejón de Zafra. This narrow passage is the perfect setting to experience the solemnity and seclusion of this centuries-old tradition.

The Aurora by the Griffons of San José, Holy Thursday

One of the most emotional moments on Holy Thursday is the procession of La Aurora. To fully enjoy this event, it is recommended to go to the San José Griffins, where the image of the Virgin is accompanied by numerous devotees and penitents who light up the night with their lit candles.

Holy Thursday, Walk of the Sad, La Estrella

The Paseo de los Tristes is one of the most emblematic places in Granada, and on Holy Thursday it becomes a unique setting for the La Estrella procession. The combination of the natural beauty of the surroundings and the solemnity of the procession creates a magical atmosphere that you cannot miss.

The Carrera del Darro or Paseo de los Tristes in general

The Paseo de los Tristes is a perfect place to enjoy Holy Week in Granada. Throughout the week, numerous processions cross this picturesque walk, offering a unique experience in a privileged setting. No matter which day you choose, there will always be something interesting and exciting to witness in this beautiful place.

Palm Sunday, The Departure of the Brotherhood of the Holy Supper

Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week and one of the most anticipated moments is the departure of the Brotherhood of the Holy Supper. The procession is characterized by its solemnity and the crowd that gathers to accompany the religious images. Don't miss this event that marks the beginning of a week full of tradition and devotion.

Holy Monday, The Virgin of Light Returning to her Temple

Holy Monday is another day full of emotions in Granada. One of the most outstanding moments is when the Virgen de la Luz returns to her temple along Avenida Dilar, arriving at Calle Polinario. The procession of the Virgin is accompanied by a multitude of faithful who fill the streets with their prayers and songs.

Holy Wednesday, Christ of the Gypsies by the Sacromonte

Holy Wednesday is a special day in Granada, since the procession of the Christ of the Gypsies is celebrated. This event takes place in the emblematic Sacromonte neighborhood and is a unique opportunity to witness the devotion and passion of the inhabitants of this historic Granada neighborhood.

Holy Thursday, Entrance of the Salesians

Holy Thursday is a very important day in Granada, and one of the most outstanding events is the entrance of the Salesians. The procession of the Salesian Brotherhood is a moment of great emotion and devotion, in which the community comes together to pay homage to the religious images.

Christ of Silence, Holy Wednesday

Holy Wednesday is a day full of emotions, and one of the highlights is the procession of the Cristo del Silencio. The image of Christ, accompanied by a multitude of penitents and devotees, walks the streets of Granada in an atmosphere of meditation and respect that will leave you breathless.

Saint Mary of the Alhambra by Cuesta Gomérez

The procession of Santa María de la Alhambra is another of the must-see events of Holy Week in Granada. The image of the Virgin runs along the historic Cuesta Gomérez, offering a unique experience in a privileged setting, surrounded by the majesty of the Alhambra.

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