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de la fuente Concert in Granada "Dellafuente"

de la fuente Concierto en Granada "Dellafuente"

Table 1: Outline of the article

  1. Introduction to the Dellafuente concert in Granada
  2. Event Overview
  3. Location and hours
  4. Tickets and prices
  5. Dellafuente: the main artist
  6. Dellafuente Biography
  7. Musical style and discography
    • 'Coral Tiles'
    • 'Live Craving'
  8. Success on YouTube and music platforms
  9. The show in Granada
  10. Expectations for the concert
  11. Collaborations and guest artists
  12. preparations for the concert
  13. Tips to make the most of the event
  14. Transportation and accommodation
  15. Conclusion

Introduction to the Dellafuente concert in Granada

Attention music lovers! You cannot miss the Dellafuente concert in Granada next Saturday, June 24, 2023 . If you are a fan of urban music and want to enjoy an unforgettable evening, this event is for you.

Event Overview

Location and hours

The concert will take place at the Cortijo del Conde , located on Paseo Cortijo del Conde (next to Mercagranada) 18015. The appointment is from 4:00 p.m.

Tickets and prices

Tickets are available on major online ticketing platforms and at the box office. Prices vary by location and available promotions, so check ahead to ensure you get the best deals.

Dellafuente: the main artist

Dellafuente Biography

Dellafuente, whose real name is Pablo Enoc Bayo, was born in Granada in 1992. Coming from a humble family, he began working with music at the age of 15 while working with his father. His career took off when he had the opportunity to record a song for free, and since then he has been gaining popularity in the world of Spanish urban music.

Musical style and discography

Dellafuente is known for combining a wide variety of musical styles, including rap, reggaeton, flamenco, and trap, in his songs.

'Coral Tiles'

His first album, released in 2015, was an eclectic mix of styles and lyrics that speak of life on the streets, in the neighborhood, and humble origins.

'Live Craving'

In 2016, Dellafuente released his second album, 'Ansia Viva', maintaining the same theme in his lyrics but with a greater influence from Latin music. This album gave him greater recognition in his career and consolidated him as one of the main artists on the Spanish urban scene.

Success on YouTube and music platforms

Dellafuente has found great success on YouTube, where his songs rack up millions of views. In addition, his music has gained popularity on platforms dedicated to hip-hop and other urban genres, which has allowed him to expand his fan base and his presence in the industry.

The show in Granada

Expectations for the concert

Dellafuente's concert in Granada promises to be an event full of energy and emotions. Attendees will be able to enjoy his best-known hits, as well as some surprises that the artist has prepared for his audience.

Collaborations and guest artists

While not all details have been confirmed yet, Dellafuente is likely to invite other artists and collaborators to join him on stage, further enriching the concert experience.

preparations for the concert

Tips to make the most of the event

To get the most out of the Dellafuente concert in Granada, we recommend that you arrive with enough time to avoid the crowds, wear comfortable clothes and shoes and, of course, don't forget your tickets.

Transportation and accommodation

If you do not reside in Granada, we suggest you find accommodation in advance and consider the public and private transport options available to get to Cortijo del Conde.


Do not miss the opportunity to live a unique musical experience at the Dellafuente concert in Granada next Saturday, June 24, 2023 . Get ready to enjoy a night full of rhythm and emotions with one of the most outstanding artists on the Spanish urban scene.